Fieldwork to the Wasatch Fault


Today we hiked to the Wasatch Fault. Students were able to examine the Bonneville Shoreline, see Fault scarps, and find fault mirrors (rocks that have been polished due to earthquake activity. We were so lucky to have USU’s geochronologist Dr. Ault and her team guide our fieldwork! It was a great day in the field!


Expert Visitor


Dr. Ault, geochronologist visited our classroom today! She has such a passion for her work and she definitely passed that on to my students! She did a fantastic job teaching the students about the Wasatch Fault. Can’t wait to hike to the fault with her on Monday!

Volcano Mini-Models

This week we have moved to our second case study: Volcanoes!  Students are loving learning about volcanoes.  They were surprised to find out about a a super volcano right here in Utah.  Ask your student about “Wah Wah Springs”.

After examining the different types of volcanoes and their characteristics students worked with a group to create mini-models of the 4 main types of volcanoes, complete with an information card. They had A LOT of fun with this activity.  Final product pics coming soon!

Here’s what will be happening over the next couple of weeks: Students will be compiling all the information they have learned about volcanoes to write an informational essay. They may not find this as fun as the previous activities we have been doing 🙂 However, we will also be building background knowledge of Craters of the Moon in preparation for our overnight fieldwork, which will be a TON of fun!  I am super excited for our study of Craters of the Moon.  If you have never been there, it is an amazing place!