Emergency Preparedness Family Night

The 5th and 6th graders would like to invite you to celebrate their learning by joining them in an Emergency Preparedness Family Night.  It should be a lot of fun! Hope to see you there!


Emotional Car

Today in crew, we played an initiative called “Emotional Car”.  Five students are assigned a role– Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, and Baby.  They are each given an emotion (i.e. happy, sad, angry, overjoyed, excited, etc.). They are all in a “car” together and have to act out their role.  It is a lot of fun!!!

Silent Gallery Walk


Students have been working hard on their final product/service project. Today they analyzed professional models, by participating in a Silent Gallery Walk, in preparation for making their own Earthquake Preparedness Guides.  These guides will be delivered to the Perry City Community, to inform its members on how to be prepared when the “Big One” hits.

Expert Visitor


Dr. Ault, geochronologist visited our classroom today! She has such a passion for her work and she definitely passed that on to my students! She did a fantastic job teaching the students about the Wasatch Fault. Can’t wait to hike to the fault with her on Monday!